Understanding Towing Procedures

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Understanding Towing Procedures

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Using Professional Tow Services For Heavy Equipment Transportation

As a construction company owner, you need to move work gear from job site to job site. You especially need to relocate large machinery before work can get underway on the new project.

However, you may not have the vehicles, manpower, or skills to relocate some or all of the machinery that you need taken to the new job site. You can avoid having to do the work yourself and instead outsource your heavy equipment transportation to a professional towing service.

Durable Vehicles

A towing service that specializes in heavy equipment transportation will have vehicles in its fleet that are built for this major job. For example, it may have large flatbed trailers that are capable of holding tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds. These trailers can easily accommodate the heaviest piece of machinery that you need loaded up and moved to the new job site.

Likewise, the towing service has wreckers that can hook up to and pull heavy machinery. The wreckers are built to handle the weight of this machinery and avoid straining their bodies and motors while pulling your equipment.

Skilled Manpower

Further, a towing service that handles tasks like heavy equipment transportation has the manpower to load and unload your machinery for you. The wrecker drivers know what cables to use to hook up to machinery. They also know where to connect the cables and how to secure the equipment so it does not fall off the winch while it is being towed.

Likewise, drivers of flatbed trailers know how to secure machinery onto the trailer so it does not roll off during transport. They ensure that your machinery remains stable on the flatbed and does not become a liability for your company while it is being driven to the new job site.

Finally, the tow drivers know what routes to take to get your machinery delivered safely. They can map out routes to avoid inconveniences like roundabouts and two-lane roads that could make heavy equipment transportation more challenging than necessary.

An experienced towing service can provide heavy equipment transportation for your company. It has the vehicles to handle the weight and size of your machinery. It also has drivers who know how to safely load, secure, and drive your machinery to your new job site.

For more information on how you might benefit from heavy equipment transportation, contact a towing service in your area.